Where to buy the top Damascus chef’s knife? Look for SIXILANG made in China

In ancient times, when people were on the battlefield, the most trusted thing was your beloved knife that never left you. Today, people are in the kitchen, when you stand in front of the chopping board, lift the familiar Japanese damascus knife, and face a lot of ingredients, at this moment, you are like returning to that battlefield, with thousands of troops at your disposal. You know, only the best cooking knives can be your best assistants, so is the general, regardless of the chef.

So, as everyone has been discussing, what kind of chef’s knife can be called a top Japanese chef knives? Western-style kitchen knives, such as machetes and chef knives, have sharp blades and a wide variety, but they are not ornamental enough, a little heavy, and feel bad. Japanese damascus kitchen knives, such as Sushi knife, Santoku knife, are light in weight, thin and sharp, and very beautiful, but they are prone to scratches and rust. Isn’t there a dream knife that can have both fish and bear’s paw? Where can I buy the top Damascus chef’s knife?

The answer, of course, is yes. It is the SXL-22 Damascus Chefs Knife set Japanese VG10 Damascus Kitchen Knife that we are introducing today, made by SIXILANG factory. It has both Western-style sharpness and practicality and Japanese-style craft beauty. This Damascus kitchen knife, which combines the advantages of traditional styles and styles, has been selected as a long-term partner by Mirazu, Ultraviolet, Arpège, etc., and has won countless praises from many international chefs.

Brand-new technology, tempering the dream knife

A good knife, of course, requires core technology and high-quality materials, SXL-22 Damascus Chefs Knife set Japanese VG10 Sharp; blades are encased in 67-layer Damascus steel, increasing the toughness of the edge to protect the precious VG 10 steel cutting core; V-sharp edges on both sides must be precisely hand-sharpened to 12-15° on each side; each The blades are treated with liquid nitrogen at low temperature to improve hardness, flexibility and corrosion resistance, just for a better cooking experience.

Ergonomic, silky feel

A good knife is also reflected in whether it can liberate your hands well and make you feel like a duck to water in the process of cooking. SXL-22 Damascus Chefs Knife set Japanese VG10 The intricate and delicate enamel design on the handle of the Damascus Chefs Knife is high-end and elegant. Its weight is also strictly controlled, with resin and aluminum mesh as the main material, which balances the weight between the handle and the thin blade, ensuring easy movement of the knife during cooking. And even if you use this Damascus kitchen knife for a long time, no matter your hand is big or small, no matter where you hold the knife handle, you will not feel any discomfort and fatigue.

Master design, outline the fishbone pattern

A good knife, on the basis of ensuring practicality, should also pursue the beauty of design art. In history, Damascus steel is famous for its beautiful and wonderful blade pattern. SIXILANG factory’s years of technical research and development have uniquely given a new design to the SXL-22 Damascus Chefs Knife set Japanese VG10 Damascus Kitchen Knife. The entire blade is covered with a fishbone pattern, which has injected a full culture into this fantastic knife The heritage and mystery, full of artistic sense, has become a rare top-level collection.

No kitchen upgrade is more immediate than having a sharp blade, and our SIXILANG factory’s Damascus chef’s knife, equipped with a high-end design, looks great, performs well, and is durable. It will be your first solid step towards a Michelin restaurant

Just like Hermes in the bag, we are the king of chef knives! If you have any questions or want to know more in detail, please click www.sixilangintl.com/.


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