What does a top damascene kitchen knife look like?

“Perfect and peak cooking skills, worth a special trip.” – This is the meaning of a three-Michelin star restaurant. High-end restaurants prefer to choose sixilang Damascus kitchen knives, and Damascus kitchen knives are moving from restaurants to thousands of households’ kitchens, bringing a better cooking experience to people who love life.

Advantages of the Damascus Kitchen Knife

Excellent material

Damascus kitchen knives are made of Damascus steel, which is a very good choice. When meeting with leaders of various countries, Syria usually prepares their unique “national gift” – Damascus steel knife, which is known for its sharpness and strength. Damascus steel is also used in the knives sold by sixilang. Its Damascus kitchen knives not only inherit the Mohammed pattern perfectly, but also fully utilize the advantages of the material in the production of kitchen knives. The core material is strong and durable and worth choosing.

The highest standard for kitchen knives

Sixilang’s Damascus kitchen knife has a cutting core of 60+ Rockwell hardness. It adopts the highest standard of kitchen knives – VG10. and finely polished surfaces.

Extremely fast cutting

The perfect water ripple surface is due to the fact that the craftsman controls the distribution ratio of ferrite and graphite particles during forging. In the case of ensuring the existence of large-grain cementite crystals, the ferrite part is used to ensure its strength, and the particles in the edge area are used. Drops form micro-jags. This is why the Damascus kitchen knife has both the hardness of high carbon steel and the toughness of low carbon steel, and the blade has fine serrations that increase cutting power. VG10 contains 15% Cr, 1% Mo, 1.5%, these elements can make kitchen knives have higher hardness and make Damascus knives as sharp as new.

Durable performance and rust resistance

The durability of Sixilang Damascus Kitchen Knife is more than 10 years, and VG10 has high-quality corrosion resistance and sharpness. In terms of rust prevention, it only needs to be maintained with the daily kitchen knife.

Safety and Experience of Damascus Kitchen Knife

The full-bored blade of the sixilang Damascus kitchen knife ensures that the handle and the blade are firmly welded, and the blade is not easy to fall off when handling ingredients, and even if the blade is broken, it will not hurt the user. The handle of the Damascus Kitchen Knife adopts special vacuum pumping and injection technology to ensure that it matches the right balance of Damascus steel, and the exquisite handle is beautiful and suitable for daily use.

The entire blade is ergonomically designed, the tip angle and cutting depth are just right, and the long handle guard design ensures that the chef’s precious hands are not injured by the sharp blade. It is due to the special process of creating the blade that Damascus steel knives are waterproof, antibacterial, heat resistant and non-slip.

Service to buy sixilang Damascus kitchen knives

Here, each knife comes with its matching high-end gift box with the logo that the customer ordered. sixilang offers a wide variety of knives such as knife blanks, stainless steel knives, high-end Damascus steel knives, and also wholesales matching knife sharpeners, knife care kits, cutting boards and other knife accessories. is an extremely convenient and trusted one-stop shopping.

If the client wants, sixilang can provide high quality images/videos, allowing you to review every aspect of Damascus steel knives in full. Our warehouse is well stocked, with a low minimum order quantity, and promises to ship within 7 days, delaying your anxious waiting and giving you an early glimpse of the true nature of the legendary sword. We have a variety of delivery methods for you to choose: air, sea, DHL, rail.

Every Damascus kitchen knife is forged by craftsmen hammer by hammer, full of inherited skills, and a “Syrian national gift” created with passion. And we believe that the Damascus kitchen knife is more than that. Only your sharp eyes and smart hands can perfectly interpret the way of food.

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